On my PC Desktop, I edit mp3's I download in Adobe Audition 1.5. I convert them to .Wave files because that is preferred for the systems I use at the Radio station I work at. I have had zero issues with sample rates etc...

Now the recent problem I had was I began using Adobe Audition 4.0 on my new MacBook Pro 13" and have downloaded music and edited. I have saved as(without changing any settings - bit rate etc...) and when I transferred those wave files to my Desktop PC, they were distorted in Winamp. I tried Windows Media Player and they played fine. (It is known that Winamp has had issues with these sample rates in the past). Anyways, I began to think that maybe these particular group of files would not be compatible with the TLC-Scott Studios System at the Radio.

So what I had to do at the Radio was, I grab those files which were Wave PCM - 44100 Hz Stereo 32-bit - Uncompressed 32-BIT Floating Point (IEEE) and convert the sample type to 16 bit. That was the only way I could enter these files into the computer systems.

Now what I am wondering is - If I download an mp3 on my PC and edit it(check for swears etc...) and save as wave pcm(without adjusting any settings);

then I do the exact same thing on my Mac...

Why are there issues with the wav files i transfer from my Mac files to my PC?

I do the same exact thing to convert the mp3 to wav, I click file, save as... and select Wave PCM.

Now I'm hesitant to to anymore work with my mac until I get these issues resolved. Is the solution me saving-as on my mac... and under the sample type settings, change it to 16 bit? or do I select 'same as source'?

I just don't understand why these issues would even exist if I am working with the same exact files and programs.

Please help me out,