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    How do I connect my turntable to my mac?
    I have a 1200 and it's connected to a really old receiver and I have a set of really old speakers too. The receiver is now on the fritz- it's about 20yrs old... a hand me down.

    I'm wondering if I can somehow replace my receiver with my macbook and play the music through my computer speakers, which are probably way better than what I use now, thus simplicating my setup.

    So how would I go about connecting my turntable to my macbook?
    Do I just hook up my 1200 -> phono preamp -> macbook line in?
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    That would pretty much be it yes.
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    What is a 1200? Mine used to be a Kawasaki motorcycle! If it is a turntable, then you need to boost the signal before you connect to your Macbook.

    I use one of these

    Hope that link looks OK!!

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    [I think the 1200 refers to either Technics or RCA ]

    If you're going to hook the turntable into your Mac, why not consider converting your LPs to CD or DVD? There are a few audio recording applications - my preference would be WireTap - that would digitalize the analog signals from your turntable and save them as an audio file in a format that you would determine according to the quality desired. You would then burn those audio files to optical disk, thus preserving what I assume to be precious LP recordings.

    [PS. this is a project I intend undertaking fairly soon, once I get the necessary gear organised and in place.]
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    iMic can hook up the turntable without a preamp. Also works fine for line-level input (like cassette decks).

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    I could be wrong here, but I have never hooked a turntable to my macbook before. I always hook it to a receiver first. Furthermore, playing out of macbook speakers is going to be an awful sound as well.

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