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    Question Simultanious audio output from both mini Displayport and Audio Output port?
    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if someone who already has audio+video output through the mini displayport set up can be so kind and answer the following questions for me:

    Can audio be output simultaniously from 3.5mm audio port as well as the mini displayport? That is, if I output both video and audio to my reciever through the 2010 iMac's mini Diplayport, can i use the standard audio output port to provide line input for a further set of (active) speakers (analog would be fine)?

    In the case both outputs CANNOT work simultaniously, which one will work if i have both plugged in? If the mini displayport has higher rank (or priority or what whatever i should call the one that works when both outputs are plugged in), and the reciever it is plugged into is switched off, will audio automatically switch to the standard audio port? Same question goes if the standard audio output port has higher rank/priority?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    The short answer is no. Please read the following sticky post which is in the "Other Hardware Forum" regarding hooking a TV to your Mac. It also covers how to get sound output.

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    Thank you for the link! It basicly answered my question - you cant have audio output from both the miniDisplay port and the 3.5mm audio output port and where audio is output from is determined by a user preference under OSX's system preferences --> sound.

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