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    Multiple Audio Interfaces for Macbook Pro to achieve 16 channel output?
    I want to use my macbook pro to output 16 separate channels (using logic) to 16 speakers (I am outputing pre-recorded material only) and am looking for the best audio interface solution for this setup.

    Doing some quick research , the Gigaport HD outputs to 8 channels but I was wondering whether anyone has had experience of hooking two of these up to a macbook pro?

    If I hook them both up, each using a separate USB port, will the macbook (Logic) recognise them , or will it blow up ?

    In addition, can I output direct from the gigaport HD to non active speakers, or will I need to go through an amplifier first?

    Or has anyone come across a more effective/economical solution to output 16 channels using a macbook pro ?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    for 16 separate channel output, you will have to get a digital mixer. not cheap.
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    first of all you will not need a digital mixer, what you need is either 1 audio interface with 8 outs and a digital expansion facility(1), or 2 audio interfaces with 8 outs(2). But I have to ask, why do you need to output 16 different channels of audio to 16 different speakers? I can't think of a single way in which one would need to do this.

    (1) this option is the more stable - most AIs with 8 outputs will have digital io. These will include ADAT - this allows the host unit to send/receive 8 channels digitally from another unit. the cheapest option i know of for this is the Behringer ADA8000, which considering the brand and price is surprisingly good, especially if you only use it for the outputs. You should also note, that if you already have access to 2 AIs with 8 outputs then it's worth checking if both have ADAT io - that way you can use them together.
    (2) this option is probably less stable and also more expensive. The way to use them both as interfaces and not daisychaining one to the other digitally is by plugging them both in and going to the audio/midi preferences on your mac and creating a aggregate audio device and then selecting it in logic's io boxes.

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    Thanks very much both for your replies.

    I end up buying the gigaport HD - it's the cheapest 8 output interface I could find and I'm going to try what you describe as the second option Stef ie.creating an aggregate audio device. I'll probably try and borrow a second audio interface to try aggregating first, before making the 2nd interface purchase.

    It would be great , though , if I could aggregate 2 Gigaports - meaning I could get access to 16 outputs for just 200 pounds!

    If it doesn't work I may have to resort to playing back the other 8 channels with 4 mp3/cd players hooked up to 4 stereo amps.

    You ask what I need 16 outputs for - I'm wanting to install a 16 output sound installation through 16 speakers for an art exhibition. The sound is all pre-recorded and ideally needs to be in synch, but not precisely.

    I checked out the behringher though and that looks like a bargain piece of kit for 150. May be worth considering getting 2 of these for the future.

    Thanks! You'ill be sure to hear from me if I get any further problems.

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    Any success with joining the two Gigaport HD into a single device?
    Hi elrafachan,

    I know this thread is really old but maybe you still get the notifications and can help me out here. I'm facing a very similar problem for a sound installation where I need 12 dedicated output channels and I'm looking for the cheapest and best solution. Can you please share your experience with your approach with two Gigaport HD interfaces and maybe describe your final setup a little.

    Thanks in advance.

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