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    How to sync iTunes/iPhoto librairies to multiple computers?
    Two separate issues I'm trying to solve here...input appreciated on both or either!

    I have an iMac and a Macbook connected to each other via wifi. The main music and photo library are on the iMac. It has a iTB Time Capsule (used strictly for backup) and a separate 250GB Hard Drive connected, which contains the music and movie library. It is now full, so many files are stored separately on the laptop.

    Issue #1. I am looking for potential storage solutions which would allow me update and access my music, video, and photo libraries from either computer, without necessarily storing the actual files on the computer itself because there is not enough space. Any new playlists, albums, or preferences would be identical on both machines and updateable (sp?) from either machine.

    Issue #2. My wife and I both have iPhones. I gave her my old 3G when I updated to a 4. Many of my old apps are still on her phone, even though it is obviously in her name. We are now sharing and updating the same contact file, which we cannot do because of confidentiality issues. (She is a therapist, I am a teacher). Is there a way to setup both computers to update either phone? Does she need her own iTunes account?

    Thanks in advance!

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    #1. Home Sharing.

    #2. She needs her own iTunes account, which will wipe your apps. If there are some she wants that aren't free, she can re-buy them (or you, being a wonderful husband, can buy and "gift" them to her).

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    Sorry Chas but I don't believe Option 2 will solve the OPs problem with contact sharing.

    You don't need a seperate iTunes account. iTunes accounts only control purchases not photos/contacts/calendars etc.
    A seperate account on the Mac for your wife would solve the issue.

    She can log into your iTunes account on her user meaning you only need to buy things once but as she's syncing here contact/calendar details on her user they will be kept discrete from your details.

    This setup would also work if one used one Mac for you and one for your wife. Just substitute 'user' for 'Mac' in the paragraph above!

    This was covered in a similar thread a few days ago here, which shuld help:
    Not been around these parts for a while. Trying to change that . .

    Please use the reputation system if you think you've been helped - bottom left of this post

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    Thanks for the tips.

    I've looked into Home Sharing before, and I'd like something that's a bit less labor-intensive. (Yes, I'm that lazy.) Also, if iTunes is not running on one machine, then there it does not work. The bottom line is that I'd like to avoid constantly updating both libraries.

    What I'm thinking is to move the library to an external HD, then attach the HD to Time Machine/wireless hub.

    Won't both machines be able to access that drive?

    Follow up: Assuming that works, if I load new pictures or music onto Machine A, will iTunes and iPhoto automatically update or be able to recognize the new material?

    Regarding the iPhone issue, I'm looking into storing her contacts on Google and updating from there instead of iTunes. Any experience with Google contacts?


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