So...I'm going to be doing a regular podcast...there will be two or three people "live", using microphones being piped through a mixer, which will be fed into my MacBook.

Also -- there will be another person contributing long-distance.

How can I set up GarageBand to record both? I'd love to be able to record the input from the in-person people on a track and the long-distance person, most likely via Skype, also coming through my MacBook.

How can I set this up???

And if I want to add a phone to the mix so that all parties could communicate, how would I do that?? I have an audio converter so that I can plug the phone into a sound source, but I think it's only for listening, not talking...

BTW -- I'm not averse to using another program besides GarageBand if there's no way I can do this with GarageBand...I also have Pro Tools M-Powered Essential V. 8, so if it would make more sense to use that, that's cool...