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    Question convert m4a with images and sound
    hiya everyone. i've spent a great deal of time creating a podcast with graphics to complete an assignment; i used garageband to create the podcast because it was required. i've saved the file in a m4a format and it works fine in garageband and on the podbean site that i was instructed to upload it on. (i've thought of embedding their player, but even their embedded player won't run the m4a format)

    i would like to use the podcast on my own site, but can't figure out a way to convert it into another format (anything i can upload to youtube would be fine, i can just embed a link on my site). i can convert the sound, but the picture part of it doesn't open. even if i open it in iTunes, i get the first image and that's it, the slideshow isn't there.

    i'd appreciate any help i can get... i've worked very hard on the assignment and would like to use the work.

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    You can't convert an enhanced podcast to anything other than m4a because you are using the features that are exclusive to that format.

    Any Mac or Windows machine with iTunes installed as the ability to play M4A files just fine, and most every personal computer these days has iTunes on it.

    Google "m4a file embed html" for the exact code to use an M4a file on your website. I do this all the time with my own podcast, no complaints from anybody.

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