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    How to better hear yourself on stage
    I sing in a band and during our last show I had trouble hearing myself. Should I try earplugs in one ear or what are those earplugs with the wires attached? Thanks.

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    You can and certainly should use earplugs or monitor in ear headphones. The latter is what you see musicians wearing. There are several brands which cater to non pros which are less costly. A few off the top of my head are:

    Ultimate Ears (UE,s)

    Full Line of Custom Isolation In-Ear Monitor EarPhones - Shop by Brand

    have to run but start off googling those names and do some serious research on IEM's (in ear monitors) because there are several types. They can all be used for listening to music in the studio or on your mp3 player as well. But some will cost you big time.

    I'm sure another musician will chime in for me here. Sorry, really have to go.


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    unless you play in an acoustic band, you're going to need monitors of some kind to hear yourself sing -- without them (and running properly) you can easily get off pitch and not know it.

    Monitors come in all manner of configurations and quality. Easiest are "hot spots" which are little, self-powered small monitors that can be mounted on mic stands right near you. Next would be floor monitors that sit on the floor angled up at you (these are the typical monitors most traveling and pub bands still use because they are affordable). Then you have in-ear monitors, which are the "hearing aid" looking devices you see all major acts using -- they offer great control without any additional on-stage volume (as floor monitors will create), but they are expensive compared to hot spots or floor monitors.

    With any monitor, you need to be able to send a signal to the monitor -- typically a "monitor send" from your main (or "front of house") mixing board. Google "stage monitors" and you'll get all the details you need.

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