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Thread: iTunes BPM help

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    iTunes BPM help
    Hi Everyone,

    I put all my audio files through mixed in key, which calculates the BPM to 2decimal places and stores it in the "BPM" field. I then import the songs into itunes, however iTunes seems only to have the capability to store BPMs to whole numbers. Is there anyway I can change this?



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    You are keen with your meta-data. Most people I know leave that empty.

    I'm afraid that iTunes will only accept whole numbers for the Beats Per Minute field.

    Quick question though; Do you really need to
    a) have the BPM at such a precise value
    b) have the BPM at all?

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    Hi icemac

    Don't think there's anything to do about that. iTunes isn't very well documented, but if you take a look in the XML file which stores your music/media library metadata (iTunes Music Library.xml or iTunes Media Library.xml), you'll see that iTunes only stores the integer part of the BPM value:


    I've used MixMeister's freeware tool 'BPM Analyzer' (MixMeister Free Stuff :: BPM Analyzer) to calculate the BPM for my entire music collection. BPM Analyzer also returns a number with 2 decimals and automatically writes the result to the BPM field. But iTunes drops the decimals.

    I can live without the decimals, but it would be nice if Apple would build a BPM feature into iTunes. And more important: include the BPM field when you sync iTunes with an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The way it works today, the BPM field is not displayed on any of these devices, which is a shame - to say the least.

    I understand that BPM is of little interest to the common user. But it's vital to any DJ or other person who uses iTunes in a professional capacity.


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