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    Logic Express 9/ Metronome (changing tempo)
    I'm wondering how I change the tempo on my metronome and perhaps how to change it as parts of the song change. For example if I want the chorus faster or slower than the verse.

    Is there a way I can put the Metronome in it's on track? If so, how do I set it to change at certain points of the song? Could I create a new track each time with the metronome and have new tempo settings?

    I play a progressive style of music so I have a lot of tempo changes.

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    Go to the arrange window 'view' settings, configure global tracks (I believe, could be configure global track headings or the other one) and view tempo.

    At the top of the arrange window you then need to view global track headings, where you'd see video, key change etc. Tempo is the blue line.

    Using pencil you can make a node which can then be moved up and down if you want a sudden tempo change. Otherwise (and this is something I only just found out) for an accel, you need to follow the above, but do a sudden jump to exactly the point you want to speed up to. Then click on the bottom right (ie _|) of the tempo change and drag it to the left.

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