I am about to buy the apogee one to do my own little home recording. From what I have read and seen it says that while using Logic I use the guitar effect in Logic and send it through the "output" of the One.

My main concern was I want to plug my KRK Rockit 5's in, but I am not sure of how to go about it. I am sure of how to plug the output into my guitar amp to use the Logic effects. But what about setting it up with a pair studio monitors??

My guess was to buy a mixer board and plug my KRK's into the mixer board and hooking up the one to the Output, and just plug my guitars into the inputs.
But I am not sure how much this will ruin the sound quality. I was wondering what everyone else was doing?

Any suggestion I would appreciate. Most interfaces I have worked with had outputs for studio monitors and I know the One does, but I think I will need to get a a Y splitter to plug straight into the Monitors?