First off, whats up everyone? Im new here and plan on staying for a long time to come. But I wanted to know if you guys thought the new mac mini would perform well with Pro Tools 8, Reason 4 (soon reason 5 ), Recycle plus running simultaneously? Ill usually just have pro tools and reason open. With pro tools Ill probably be using virtual tracks from which Ive rewired from reason. and a few vocal and DI ins to pro tools as well.

I would plan on upgrading the ram myself to at least 4gbs and I have a Mbox Pro 2. The thing is I was originally thinking the new iMac but I couldnt afford to get the 27 inch unfortunately which means that the quad core is definitely NOT a possibility. BUt, id also like to run two seperate monitors at once. One for a mixer, and the other for a sequencer.

I have a MBP which I use and absolutely love but do MUCH more work on my crap 32-bit vista (single core i believe) with 3gb of ram and its going down the tubes so I think im due for an upgrade.

What do you guys think as far as a new desktop though? I cant afford a Mac Pro either. Anyways, any guidance is well appreciated.

Thanks everyone!