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    Best Mac for audio recording. MB Pro or IMac ?
    Hi Im really new to the Mac world, (this will be my first), and i've got a Pro Tools/MBox system that i use for recording audio (moving over from PC)
    I'm trying to decide which is a better choice for this system, the iMac or MacBook Pro.
    Let me just say that portability is not really a factor. the computer will sit in my basement.
    But is the MB Pro so much more powerful that I should consider that anyway ?

    I'm not doing a lot of simultaneous tracking, as a majority of the time it's just me doing one track at a time. but i expect to be using a lot of plugins, etc.

    I'd love to find something for no more than 1500$.
    Can anyone help point me in a good direction ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dwfresh View Post
    Let me just say that portability is not really a factor. the computer will sit in my basement.
    If you don't need portability...then you shouldn't even be considering a laptop. You always get more "bang for you buck" purchasing a desktop computer.

    Buy as much desktop computer as your $1500 budget will allow...and you'll be good to go.

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    I was recording bands with my c2d 2.53 Unibody MBP and not having problems with recording 6-7 mics at a time for drum kits. I also used a good bit of plugins. A new i7 shouldn't give you any problems at all.
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    The only reason to buy a laptop for recording is if you need it to be portable, period. Whether this means that you like to record in different rooms in your house, or have the capability to move to a different location, portability is the only upside to recording to a laptop. You'll get a faster all around system with more memory, etc... with the iMac or any desktop system than you will get with a laptop.

    All that being said, I record to a MBP...

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    thanks so much for the replies guys,.
    i'll definitely get an iMac !

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