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    Question interesting itunes query- multiple accounts
    I have done a search and researched that I can create a new library in itunes for my wifes iphone.

    Here is the situation.
    Wife wants an ipad, currently has a very very underused macbook. (FB, email & the odd bigfish game)

    so, macbook is on fleabay, selling well and due to go in 2 days.

    She obviously wants to retain her itunes stuff (very very differing tastes in music etc)
    so, things to do:

    make back up of her itunes (done- to external HDD)
    transfer it into new library on my macbook (??)
    hook up her new ipad when it comes (fairly straightforward I imagine)

    the other bit comes in a month or so when we get a mac mini to act as a home server under the TV.
    at that point we will want to have both our libraries on the mac mini (also have apple TV- that will move upstairs)

    thoughts on this please?
    other points- we both have iphones, I also have a shuffle for the gym.

    cheers guys n girls

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    You can have two itunes libraries on one mac. Simply hold down the option key while you click the itunes icon.

    This will prompt you to create a second library.

    Edit:- Just read that you wanted opinions on this. Well I have my girlfriends music in one library with mine, but I suppose if theres not much similarity in the music it would be better to have two separate ones.

    Maybe store all the music on the mac mini and share it across the network so you always have it upto date. I currently have to manually copy my music between my iMac and Macbook.
    Thanks, Eddie
    Software Engineering Student, NTU

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    Oct 05, 2007
    Mac mini 2.4, wife: iPad 16gb & iphone 3Gs, me: Macbook 2.6 & iphone 3Gs
    cheers edd

    The problem is that we are selling her macbook to fund the ipad, then in about 2 months buying a mac mini.
    that leaves my macbook as the sole computer, but which will then be transferring everything of hers to the mac mini, possibly using the home sharing feature to use mine too

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