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    Logitech headphones & iMac
    I've recently switched from a PC to an iMac. I note that when I use my Logitech mic/headphones I'm able to record my voice into, for example, Audacity, but when vocals are played back (or any kind of music, e.g. iTunes is played), the sound still comes back through the speakers, not the headphones.

    Can anyone advise?



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    Not familiar with those headphones, but did you move them from the mic in port to the audio out port?
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    Bob, it's a USB connection. I tried connecting both via the keyboard and via the iMac itself. Still nothing came through the headphones.


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    Since you didn't mention it: what's it say in the Sound control panel for input and output?

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    Thanks, chas. Your question helped me solve the problem.


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