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    iTunes Media Question
    I have recently switched over from a Sony Vaio to a MacBook Pro. To transfer all of my music, I put it on my external, and then transferred from there to my new macbook. I have about 63 GB of music.

    With Macs, I've noticed I can change the location of the song while it's playing and it will continue to play and I will not have to relocate it. I've also noticed that when I click Get Info on a song, it is not where I have transferred or downloaded it to. It is in an iTunes Media folder created by the Mac or iTunes.

    So, if all my songs are in there, and where I download them to or transfer to, does that mean even tho I have 63GB of music, it's taking up 126GB of my computer because it's in two different places? Can I delete the ones that I transferred from the external to my Mac or the ones that I download since they automatically go into the iTunes Media folder?

    Also, is there any program that lets you search your duplicates on your computer of files? I'm not talking about only iTunes, but duplicate files throughout the whole computer so that way I can see if these songs are counting as 2.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    iTunes default behavior will be to copy all music added to it to the Music folder in your User folder. So you should disconnect the external drive - verify that your songs are all still ok and then you can delete the ones on the external if you wish

    If you want to store all your music on the external instead we can help you with that
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    Ohh nooo, the issue isn't with the external. I'm keeping the songs on their. But it is not plugged in right now. But my same questions still stands. Do you get what I'm sayin?

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