Hello, I am currently looking into some Native Instruments Products (mainly the instrumental side of it: Absynth 5, Tension Strike, and others).

I've watched the demonstration video's on the website, and one problem (in my opinion), that all I've seen is the Synth/Instrument being used as the stand alone program, able to record and be used for live gigs/entertainment. Obviously, the recorded and mixed it, but I'm currently wondering whether they used a program like Logic Pro with it. I don't have the connection speed to experiment with the demo's and AUs in GarageBand or Logic. Obviously these instruments are much more advanced than say, the Orchestral Jam Pack for GarageBand and Logic.

I'm wondering if Logic (or any other DAWs, to your suggestion), are fully compatible with these programs, offering the same ingenius options, with or without a MIDI keyboard. I am a ambitious and amateur composer, and I'm really looking forward to using Tension Strike, Absynth 5, and Session Strings inside a DAW, without having to import/export the recorded files in the standalone program as .aiff or any other extension to add it to, say, the loop section in GarageBand or Logic, while having the same options (like staccato/etc.), and whether MIDI files are capable with some of the programs.

Does anyone have any information on this topic? The products that I've seen with Native-Instruments (in my opinion) are plain genius works of art. I'm extremely excited with these products. Please post any information on the topic.