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    Which iMac should I choose for music production (Reason and Cubase)
    Hi, first post here.

    Im thinking about getting an iMac. All I know this far is that I want the 27".

    It will be used for music production (hobby, not full time or anything), internet surfing, watching movies a bit of downloading etc.

    For music production Im using Reason 4, recycle and Cubase 3. Maybe I'll try out Logic also.

    I got an external LaCie hard disk with all my music, projects, refills, sounds etc, if that matters..

    So it is between the regular (I quess) iMac 27" and the Quad core one. Maybe configure one of them also, but I don't know what I would need.

    So, any help would be appreciated

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    IMHO...any 27" iMac will get the job done.

    - Nick
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