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    Unhappy Changing music formats??
    is there a way to change from AAC AUDIO to MP3 format ????

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    You just set itunes to import songs in MP3 format

    preferences > general > CD import settings

    Select MP3 as your preferred format.

    From then on you can select any tunes in your library and select Create MP3 version from the advanced menu in iTunes

    This will create MP3 copies of your AASC files so you may or may not need to delete the AAC versions

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    Quote Originally Posted by longey775 View Post
    is there a way to change from AAC AUDIO to MP3 format ????
    Lousihen's given you one answer, another is to use a sound converter, eg. SoundConverter (Mac) - Download.

    But, other than space-saving, why would you want to convert .aac to .mp3? You will lose sound quality.
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    thx guys for your help. im changing to mp3 just so i can dowmload as many songs onto a cd. need it to dl onto my car radios hd.

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