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    Music files that play in win7 dont play with mac:
    I've got a iMac & a MacBook Pro both with Virtual DJ using a external HD to play music. The files show as a folder, but when you click on them to expand the folder, nothing.
    This was never a issue with Windows, only Mac. I got a Western Digital external for MAC thinking that may solve the problem, and same thing.
    The issue seems to be with CD's that were burned to disc.... any suggestions!?!
    Thanks in advance~

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    What format are the files in? Some formats that play in Windows don't necessarily play in OS X.

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    So I'm guessing my problem then lies with WMA, which doesn't work with Mac, but is however supported by Virtual DJ since they do play when I use my windows laptop, but not the Mac.
    Ok, I need a converter, read about winff, any suggestions to do an entire external hard drive?

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    Not guaranteed to work as some windows files just will not play but try Perian and or Flip4Mac.
    Installs codecs to let Quicktime play most windows formats.
    Download Perian for Mac - QT plugin for many media types. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads
    Download Flip4Mac WMV Player for Mac - Play Windows Media in QuickTime Player. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads

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    WMA files work fine on Macs (when you add Flip4Mac and Perian) as long as they are not DRM'd (protected) audio files.

    DRM'd WMA files don't play on much of anything. Aren't you glad to escape that nonsense?

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