Hey guys, I am quite new to mac (well I am using it for about half a year now) and I still haven't figured out how to use iTunes properly.

Basically, I have this old-school habit of opening a folder, selecting all the songs/mp3 files and pressing "Enter" to play these tracks and only them. I really enjoyed this function on PC, however I just cannot get this habit of creating tones of various playlists every time I want to listen to new songs.

I have tried to look through various forums and Internet as a whole to find a solution to my problem, however could not find anything useful to me.

I would be grateful if someone of you guys could give me a hint on how to use iTunes efficiently or may be how to add this Now Playing function to iTunes?

Also it would be great if you could give me some links to the websites which explain in a great details how to use all these "SMART Playlists" and all those cool features iTunes has.

Thank you in advance!