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    Reasonably priced headphones?
    Hi all!

    I'm looking for a pair of good-quality but relatively inexpensive headphones for my Mac. They can be earbud or pad style, but I'm trying to keep it under $100.

    I'm not a snooty audiophile or big-time music producer -- just someone who wants to feel like I'm getting the full fidelity of my iTunes music (the Apple/iPod headphones aren't bad for walking around/outdoor stuff, but I'm talking about more serious listening) for not too much money. I welcome suggestions.

    PS. Before anyone makes the suggestion, I'm not going to buy any product endorsed by, or carrying the name of, a rap/hip-hop artist. I like bass, but I'm looking for true fidelity, not overcompensating thud-osity.

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    Mate Skull Candy are a good brand with earbud/or pad style with good prices.
    This is there site Home Page but there actual online shop is down at the moment for maintenance, but if you google them with Amazon you can see what is in the store ...
    Highly recommend them to anyone.
    I bought a decent pair $20 short of $100 and i could keep them in ear for 5-6 straight without discomfort and actually forgetting there in there. Noise reduction and all that good stuff ....

    Worth a looksee anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    PS. Before anyone makes the suggestion, I'm not going to buy any product endorsed by, or carrying the name of, a rap/hip-hop artist. I like bass, but I'm looking for true fidelity, not overcompensating thud-osity.
    Well, that's good. 'Cause they sound utterly crap!

    My personal choice of headphones is Beyer DT770s. But at over 100 i reckon finding a pair for $100 would be tricky! I use them in the studio and for general listening on the bus/train etc.

    For general listening I much prefer over-the-head style phones, around 50 ($100ish) are the Sennheiser HD215s. I've used these a few times. Excellent isolation, nice sound and a half decent bass. The 205s are a little cheaper but don't hug your face so much as clamp it! The EH350s would also be quite good for you I imagine, at around the same price as the HD215s.

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    Grado SR-60 (or SR-60i as the successor is called): Grado Prestige Series SR-60i Padded Headphones: Electronics

    Really comfortable, sound great and if you check for reviews you'll see how highly these are recommended.

    They are open headphones though, so you might want something closed if you plan on using your headphones in the same space as others.

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    My thanks for the recommendations so far. Haven't made a decision but I am checking them out!

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    This is what I have, Theyre also pretty cheap
    Koss PortaPro Headphones

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    I have used the Sony MDR-7506 and the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro for studio and live sound work and they sound great. Both pairs are very durable, have a nice long chord, offer great isolation, and come with a 1/4" adapter. They sell online for around $90 (USA).

    My other suggestion would be to go to your local electronics shop and see what they have on display that you could try out.

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