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Thread: Why no count-in in Logic 9?

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    Why no count-in in Logic 9?
    For some reason, I don't get a metronome count-in with Logic 9. I'm an old Pro-Tools guy, and just started using Logic. I love absolutely everything about it, only, for some reason, in the newest project I've begun I don't get the 1-bar count-in I'm accustomed to. I've already checked under record preferences, and I have it set for a 1-bar count-in, only I just don't get it.

    In fact, now I'm not getting any signal at all from my Klopfgeist plug-in! What's going on? SOmebody please help..

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    There is a count-in in Logic 9 you need to use the metronome button

    Setting the Metronome and Count-in
    As preparation for recording, you should check the metronome and count-in settings.

    Metronome: Produces a click in the project’s tempo that can be heard during recording or playback. The click makes it easier to play in time with the tempo.

    Count-in: Clicks heard before the start of a recording, making it easier to get into the project’s groove.

    Try This
    Set the metronome:
    Control-click the Metronome button on the Transport bar, then choose Metronome 1 Settings from the shortcut menu.
    Metronome button
    Chapter 4 Recording and Comping Audio

    In the Metronome pane, define when you want to hear the metronome click—on every 2 bar, beat, or division—by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.

    Select the “Click while recording” and “Only during count-in” checkboxes.3
    This allows you to hear a count-in of 1 bar before recording begins. If you want to change the default count-in setting, see the following task.

    You do have to press record button and it will give you the count-in for as many bars as you setup.

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