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    Jun 08, 2010
    Connecting Panasonic sx-KC211 to computer
    I am a very new user (1 week) of a Mac and need some help in trying to figure out why my keyboard isn't connecting properly for the Garageband. I downloaded the Piano lessons and wanted to use it but when I use it I either have the sound coming out of the keyboard when my headphones are connected to the computer or the sound comes out of the computer when I have them plugged into my keyboard. I have MIDI pin connectors for my keyboard that are connected to a USB Midi Interface (UM-2ex Edirol brand). I have checked to make sure that the out is connected to the in and the in is connected to the out. What am I doing wrong. I told you I was new! Thanks in advance

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    Jun 08, 2010
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    Just to let everyone know, I had to update the USB Midi Interface (UM-2ex Edirol brand) and everything now works like a charm

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