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Thread: Garageband Optimization PROBLEM!!!!

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    Exclamation Garageband Optimization PROBLEM!!!!

    I have been importing multiple .wav files into Garageband on my 09' Macbook Pro lately by dragging and dropping from my flash drive. About 5 at the most, creating new tracks for each imported file. They are programmed drums from the program Acoustica Beatcraft.

    Occasionally, Garageband will tell me I have too many tracks or something to that degree and go on to tell me I should look up the "Garageband optimizing tracks" help files. I usually ignored it and kept playing back the tracks and everything was fine.

    Well, that just happened again, but after it gave me that message, it did not playback. Every time I clicked play my mac would make a loud, popping noise. I closed Garageband and tried to play a song from iTunes, and all I heard was the same loud, almost "in and out" like popping.

    I rebooted the system and everything was fine after that.

    Did I damage my HD?
    What's going on?


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    It's just a small processor overload, or sound card error. your comps fine, dont worry.

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    Oh, and stop ignoring warnings from your computer. Its trying to tell you that playing (uncompressed) sound files like WAVs taxes the processor after a while. Convert them into a format GB finds easier to deal with, like MP4, and you'll have less of a problem.

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