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    New iMac user - 2 iTunes accounts
    Ok, so we just got a new iMac on Monday. My wife and I both have iphones as well. In the past we had separate PCs - we are now using the same iMac. What is the best way to set up accounts for each of us? Is there a way to set up 2 iTunes accounts on the same main iMac user profile, or should we set up 2 different iMac user accounts?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Personally would not recommend two separate iTunes accounts for husband and wife.
    Using a single iTunes account you will both have access to everything that either of you purchase through iTunes or add to the library.

    It's easy enough to sync multiple devices. I currently sync two iPhones, an 80GB iPod, a Nano and an iPad to the same machine. The primary hassle is in the first sync for each device. It should be done manually rather than the placing check marks next to what you want to sync. Check off manage manually on the general tab while your phone is connected. After that first sync, it's easy enough to delete or add the few new albums at a time.

    The advantage down the road when you move into having a (HTPC) computer connected to the TV, it'll be easy to bring everything to that machine for your big screen viewing pleasure also.

    Probably would set up two user accounts, sharing the single library.
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    You can have 2 iTunes Libraries - when you click on iTunes to start it hold the option key and then you can create a new Library or select one if u have more than one. I have one Library synched to my iPhone and one Library synched to Sis in Laws Shuffle, which i added talking books to.

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    Great piece of advice from Collin Bl! Never knew you could do that and will come in handy for me! Thanks.

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