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    Simple playback software - other than iTunes

    I'm looking for some simple software that I can use to playback mp3 and wav files on my mac.

    I like to keep work/private life seperate, so iTunes is used for my music, podcasts etc -id like something that I can just preview audio files in without having to open itunes.

    If i'm going to use them i'll be putting them in to pro tools - but no point firing pto tools up just for a quick listen

    Any suggestions?

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    Here's something that might work for you: a lightweight opensource music player for Mac OS:
    Cog - News
    It supports the formats you need and takes only a second to load.

    One note though: their latest version, 0.0.7, has had some glitches(or so they say). So I suggest you get the 0.0.6 from their download page, since that seems to work just fine for me.

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