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    I turned my iPOD/NANO off this morning and recharged it. When I went to turn it back on it would not turn on. I thought maybe I hadn't turned the electricity on on that outlet so I then plugged it into my computer and nothing happened. The computer didn't recognize the iPOD and it also didn't turn on.

    Is it necessary to take it in for repairs or is there something I can do first? Do the batteries eventually die. I do use it alot.


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    It may be a dead battery or bad charging circuit. I'm assuming the Nano is like other iPods in that even if the battery is low, you can plug it into your Mac and it will be seen by iTunes.

    You probably need to take it to Apple. Is it still under warranty?


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    Thank you for your reply. This is a big mystery. My iPod works now. I honestly have no idea what I did to make it not work the first time or to make it work again. I hope it's not temporary.


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    Have you tried holding down the centre button and the stop button for several seconds to see if it will kick it back to life?

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    Danny, My iPod is working now and I don't have a clue as to what I did to get it going again. Maybe I did what you have suggested without realizing that that was a solution.

    Thanks for your answering.

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