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Thread: Please help! Interface confusion w/ my MacBook Pro :(

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    May 11, 2010
    Please help! Interface confusion w/ my MacBook Pro :(
    I have an Audiobox usb interface with which i am trying to use my condenser microphone through garageband to record vocals. I have gone into system preferences to change the input from 'built in', to usb.

    Whenever i do this, where it says 'settings for the selected device', i get this: "the selected device had no input controls".

    I'm not sure how to fix this. I already have selected Audiobox in garageband as my input, but since i cant get my mac to see it in preferences, its not letting me record

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    Are you getting any power to the interface? Try another USB cord, plug it in, load up Garageband and then turn the interface on.

    This is from the PreSonus website:
    "Installation in Mac OS X
    The AudioBox USB is a class compliant core audio device. No driver installation is necessary. Simply connect your AudioBox USB to your computer."
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    I use the usb cord that came with the interface...when its plugged in, the lights do come on, and when i plug my headphones into it, i do hear what the mic picks up...its just not letting me record with it...when i record the mic on the computer picks up the sound instead of the condenser mic

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    I took a screenshot of the message i am getting in the sound preference.

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