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    May 10, 2010
    Help with choosing a recording interface
    I have one of the new imac's and I know that there are quite a bit of audio interfaces out there that do not work with the new iMacs.

    I was wondering if anybody new any good and decently cheap FIREWIRE audio interfaces.

    What I would like to do with it is:

    and for live audiences:

    I would be running it through Garage band most likely.

    As I would be doing a live performance with it I need absolutely no delay. That is why I would like a firewire unless anyone knows any no-delay interfaces that run through usb.

    Also I need it to be confirmed that the interface works with OS X 10.6.3

    Thanks a bunch!

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    May 10, 2010
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    Hi Dylan,

    For fairly inexpensive firewire audio interfaces, I would recommend either the Apogee Duet, or one of the Motu firewire products. The Duet has better sound quality than Motu, but it only has 2 ins and outs. If that's all you need, then it's a fantastic choice. If you need more ins and outs though, then the Motu Ultralite could be a very good choice.

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    Thanks =D

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