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    Recently I changed from Windows to Mac (MacBook pro) as I was told time and time again that Macs are much better when it comes to audio and video editing.

    Since I got the Mac I have been learning about different programs and which program would be able to do what I need it to do, but I have no luck in finding a solution, therefore, I decided it’s time to come to the forum and seek some help.

    I will explain what I used to do in windows and would like to do the same in mac therefore I would appreciate any info on what programs I need to get and if I need to buy any external sound cards for mac (if they exist) or recording sound mixers…

    1. I have a microphone Sure SM58 which I connect to the echo machine.

    2. Echo machine has a “line out” output and my PC had a “line in” input to which I would connect the echo machine; this way anything I say into the microphone will be heard on the computer speakers.

    3. I would play a MIDI file on “Van Basco Karaoke Player”

    (Now I would be able to play the Midi File and sing in the microphone at the same time and be able to hear both things being played out of the computer at the same time, and in the “volume control” in the lower right hand side of the desktop I was able to control the volume of each of them)

    4. I would start the “Sound Forge” or “Cool edit pro” for sound recording and record anything that is output through the computer. (Me singing + the MIDI file playing both at the same time)

    Is there any way that I could do this on my mac computer with the Garageband or I will need to get another program that will be able to do this.

    Also I need a good karaoke/midi player for mac, could you please recommend one.

    If I need to buy all the new equipment (i.e. sound mixer, etc.) that is fine as I do have a couple of thousand of dollars to spend on my mini personal recording studio, but I would like to pass as cheap as I can since this is just a hobby of mine and I am not a professional. I would really appreciate it if you can recommend what I will need to be able to do what I need done, basically sing live with a midi and record at the same time.

    Thank You

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    Garageband>preferences>audio/MIDI>audio input to Built In Input.

    create a new track, Real Instrument, and record.
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    What he said, Garageband - the MIDI notes will play a GM instrument in Garageband and you can have an audio through track to hear your singing (you could record the whole thing too).
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