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    Unhappy iTunes Playlist Help
    Hi People:

    I'd like to create a smart playlist that plays only unrated songs. Obviously the intent is to rate my entire library of music.

    The problem is that the song is automatically removed from actually playing as soon as I rate it (because of Live Updating, which I think I want to keep as a condition). I'd like the song to continue to play until it is finished.

    So I thought the way to do this *might* be to add another rule where the playcount equals 0. But as soon as I rate it, poof!

    The rule looks like this:

    Kind = Music
    Playcount = 0
    Rating is less than 1 star

    I've tried nesting and other unsuccessful ideas -- many that give me the warning that the playlist probably won't return any results -- but to no luck. Any ideas?

    Thank you

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    Usually I set my "to-rate" playlist as a source in iTunes DJ. If you rate it in iTunes DJ the song keeps playing. Maybe somebody has a better solution but that's how I manage

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    Thanks, Ksenia. I'll give that a try tonight when I get back on my mac (and off this Windows computer at work).

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