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Thread: HELP! KRK Rokit 5 and iMac=static noise

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    HELP! KRK Rokit 5 and iMac=static noise
    I have just converted to the Mac today, and already i'm having some difficulty .

    My setup goes as follows: Tascam 122L>rca cables>rokit 5>Imac

    now i've tried the tascam on a different mac works mint, i've tried different rca cables and other inputs works mint, i've also tried the rokit 5's on another mac works fine.

    But this is where the problem becomes confusing, when I plug in my headphones into the interface there is absolutely no static at all. It sounds absolutely smooth. But when I try using the Rokits on MY MAC I receive wicked static and the only way I see fitting is to turn the volume knob at the back of krk's all the way down to eliminate these annoying sounds. But in all honesty how will I be able to mix if I can't use my monitors to their full potential?

    So my question is does anyone know how to stop the staticky/ annoying noise that is coming out of my Rokits without resorting to turning down the volume knob on the back all the way down?

    Someone please help asap, I need to get going with my music!!!!!


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    try using xlr's instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJTones View Post
    try using xlr's instead
    Unfortunately the OP is limited to RCA's for line outs.

    I am not quite understanding how you are connecting your setup based upon your post. From what you posted it seems that you are connecting the Tascam to the KRK's, and the KRK's to the IMac directly.

    Someone else jump in here if I read the OP's diagram wrong: Tascam 122L>rca cables>rokit 5>Imac

    Here is how it should be set up:

    The Tascam should be connected to the IMac via USB cable and is handling all of the audio for your computer. The KRK's should be connected to the line out of the Tascam. Sound quality isn't going to be great with RCA's, but it should be sufficient and there should be no static with it set up like this.

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    so sorry, but yes it is connected through the tascam and then USB my mistake on the diagram. But its still giving me major static!!!! any solutions?

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