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    Macbook pro newbie questions
    Hey guys.

    I've finally decided to make the move to a mac and had a few questions that maybe you could answer. I have been recording stuff with my friends for a while and am wondering what I'm going to need to do when i make the switch to the new Macbook. Ive been using an M-audio fire wire audiophile to record on my current laptop with sonar and reason. will it still work on the mac? i know im going to need a new program, a friend of mine suggested cubase. what do you guys think let me know what i need to do to get my stuff working again.


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    First, welcome to the forum.

    Second, why switch programs if you're comfortable and knowledgeable with Sonar? I recently rebuilt my studio and was thinking of switching to Logic, but decided to stick with Cubase to minimize the re-learning curve. They're all great programs that do pretty much the same things in the same ways, so why make it harder on yourself? As long as you have the original install discs, a Mac version should be there.

    Third, I see no reason why the M-Audio shouldn't work as well as long as you have the discs for it with the Mac drivers.

    Fourth, is there a particular reason why you are not satisfied with recording on your PC that would necessitate outlaying a bunch of $$$ on a Mac-based system? There are very few real differences between recording on a PC and recording on a Mac nowadays to warrant spending needlessly. Of course, if you just want to go Mac, then so be it. Just curious.

    A few caveats on switching with your current gear: How recent the version is that you have of Sonar, and whether M-Audio is supporting Snow Leopard for that unit. Depending on the version of Sonar, it may or may not be supported on Snow Leopard and you may need to upgrade. Just a quick look on the M-Audio site shows that there is support for 10.6.2 so you should be good there.

    Hope that helps to answer your questions (and perhaps raise a few).

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    M-Audio should work fine, although you may want something different depending what you want to do as far as recording. For instance, dj'ing, musical instruments, vocals, etc. There are better products out there for specifically what u want to do.

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