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Thread: How to edit info for music?

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    Question How to edit info for music?
    after ive added new music to my itunes, i would edit its info for my own convenience, but some files wouldnt let me do that. when i click get info, it would show all the artist's name, album name etc but it seems 'layer-flat' like i cant edit it.
    are there any ways to edit it?


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    Hmm Clicking a song and them cmd-I gets info and that is the only way i know of to edit the music. Are these songs that are "Layer-Flat" (buy the way what does that mean?) legit songs from the iTunes Store or your own CD's that you have ripped onto your machine ??

    If they arent i would say that is your problem

    But what does layer-flat mean ??

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    right click on the song and then click on 'Get Info' and change on the tabs at the top of the box/window then you edit it

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    Yes, I use to do the same as you said just by right clicking on the song and it shows many option which also include option of adding song informations where I can change the information of the song. It happens to me that some of the songs were not allowing to change the information of it, but I had never bother about it.

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