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Thread: Vinal DJing onto a mac program?

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    Vinal DJing onto a mac program?
    Hi all, 1st post! I need help as new to mac. 2 questions. I have a macbook pro and I DJ for a bit of fun using vinyl and mixing records.

    Question 1: I can plug my mixer into the mac ok and get tracks on, but can anyone suggest a bit of software/s where I can...

    mix from vinal as a continuous track for about an hour.
    Chop it up and put in track increments with no gaps.
    Burn it to cd.

    Question 2: Also, Id quite like to cheat and load on 10 or so separate tracks from vinyl then mix them using my mac. Ive tried this in garageband but it doesnt let you change the pitch (BPM) of each new track you lay down so its kind of pointless. Also in garageband you cant add seemless track increments. Please correct me if Im wrong about this - as I said Im new to mac.

    Your ideas are most appreciated! Thanks in advance...Si

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    I'm not sure if it will have all the features you need, but Audio Hijack Pro is a very good and versatile recording utility.
    Short of that you are probably going to need to look at things like Logic.
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    I use Traktor DJ on my Mac even though I have Ableton Live also.
    If I were you, I'd go for Live for DJing and get an audio interface to hook your DJ mixer to it and then into your Mac via USB or even better, FireWire!!
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    I use Traktor Scratch Pro by Native Instruments to spin live and in studio. It will solve all of your needs and u can record right in the software.

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    Sounds like you need Ableton Live, I've used that a couple of times for digital mixing and it's great, would highly recommend giving it a try.
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    I use Ableton as well, but for music production. Sounds like he just wants to plug in and have an interface for DJ'ing. Ableton will be way too complicated, I think. Check out Serato as well, although Traktor is the way to go.

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