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Thread: 'Audio File Not Found' in Garageband. HELP!!

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    'Audio File Not Found' in Garageband. HELP!!
    When i go to open one of my GB projects, 'Audio File Not Found' comes up.. I've searched a few threads on here and the reply's in them didn't help. I'am running a 27'' iMac Quad-Core. The last thing a did was switch a few of the letters in the title to capitals doubt that did anything. I searched it through the spot light clicked on it and same thing No Files. The project does open with the tracks right where there suppose to be but in the top left corner of each Guitar and Bass track it says No File Found. However the drum tracks still remain there just fine.

    **Also today a re-recorded the guitar tracks, Saved As, closed GB, reopened it and the same thing, No Audio Files Found. Anyway to obtain these tracks? Or do I have to start a whole new session? Anyway to Avoid this from happening again? ..All my other projects are fine. If I have too start a new session is there away to get the drums tracks copied to the new session?

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    I suspect a Permissions issue here - if you're 100% positive you're saving the files correctly (which you appear to be doing ).

    Use the appropriate version of OnyX Titanium Software to repair permissions and run maintenance scripts.
    Please post your Mac (or other) specs and MacOS version in your post, your profile or your signature. It helps us to help you better.

    I'm leaving now to go and find myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

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