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    Itunes music
    Hi there,

    I hope someone can help. To make more room in my hard drive, I copied all my Itunes music in my Time Capsule and after doing so, I deleted all my music in my Itunes Music file in my laptop. I wanted to verify that everything went smoothly, but I discovered that the music in Time Capsule never copied!!! And I deleted my music in my Itunes Music file. Here is what I don't get: When I open my Itunes, all my music is there and can be played. But I cannot find the music files anywhere in the computer. I want to get them and move them to my Time Capsule. Where are the files?

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    Hello and welcome to MacForums ,

    here is a great tutoral on doing the move that I think will help :

    Transferring your iTunes Library | iLounge Article

    hope it helps

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    1. Never delete anything you have moved or backed up until you verify the files are there and functioning.

    2. Right click on any file in iTunes, select Get Info - Summary tab and where does it say your files are located?
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    I have found where the files are.....they are in the trash! Any way of retrieving them? I have tried to consolidate the Itunes library, but it says I have not enough disk space.....basically all the files were moved to trash. Now I want to move them to the Itunes Music file again. PLs help. Thanks.

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    did you try right clicking and using the put back option if not try removing them manually and putting the in time capsule than go to itunes and set the folder to play right off time capsule.

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