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    Question My Soundsticks stopped working overnight (Harman Kardan)
    I have had my soundsticks for years and loved them. Yesterday I was listening to music just fine and today there is no light in the subwoofer and no music to be heard. Can they just stop working overnight?

    They suffered no trauma and I haven't moved them at all.

    Any ideas what could have happened or how to fix it???

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    Those plug into USB don't they? Have you tried unplugging them, restarting, then plugging them back in?

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    No usb....
    There isn't a USB actually. There is a power source that plugs the unit into the wall (the kind that is actually two cables, connected by a small power box in the middle)

    The speakers plug into the computer in the headphone jack.

    Could it just be the power box since there seems to be no power hitting the speakers?

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    Yes, it sounds like the power supply died. Could have been a spike/surge, or could have been just plain old age. Check with H/K about fixing that.

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