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    Need Help With Reason!
    I have a Casio CDP100 keyboard, and I cannot find a way for Reason 4.0 to recognize the MIDI source. I have connected my keyboard via midi cables to an E-MU audio/midi interface, and my mac/reason 4.0 will not detect the keyboard. It has nothing to do with my connections because the MIDI IN light on my interface illuminates when the keyboard is triggered so it is definitely something to do with the compatibility of my mac and the casio product. Can someone please help? Thanks.

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    I have tried many times to use a midi USB interface with reason but i have never gotten it to work correctly i dont even think its possible. But yes the track midi monitor does flush green but still no input. I would just suggest buying a normal midi keyboard with USB outputs thats wat i had to do. It looks like ur using a pretty good interface tho so it could b a driver problem. Another fix i think that might help is try doing stuff on ur actual keyboard like midi clock and output channels i dont no how much of that it has but try it. But at this point for me it wasnt worth it so i just got a new keyboard.

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