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    In-Ear Headphones
    I've been looking to buy a good pair of in-ear headphones (preferably $100 or less).

    The problem for me is that the in-ear headphone market seems to be dominated right now with bass-heavy headphones. I can't stand bass-heavy headphones because they destroy the quality of the type of music I enjoy listening too.

    I was hoping I could find some help here in locating a decent pair of in-ear headphones that aren't bass-heavy.

    Right now I've been leaning towards these: Maximo Products / Headsets / iP-HS5

    (The reviews for those I have found have stated that they have a good low, mid, and high range balance)

    So, if anyone here has any recommendations, I would love to hear them. Thank you for your help.

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    Check out what these guys have to say

    DJ TechTools

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    Altec Lansing is a third party manufacturer for Ultimate Ears as well as Etymotic. I got a pair of their iM616's from Amazon last year on sale for about $40. Best deal ever. I gave them to my cousin, but have since gotten a different pair, which are of the UE 3 type and they're just as good, if not slightly better to my ears. In fact, they have lowered the price on them : Altec Lansing UHP336 Snugfit In-ear Earphone: Electronics

    And here are the Etymotic ones: Altec Lansing inMotion iM616 Headphones: Electronics
    Great deal I'd hop on. The only thing I'd change is the ear tips. I prefer foam as they don't grate on your ears after extended periods of time. Lots of third party foam ear tips out there.


    P.S. You can always visit for tons more info on the topic. Just beware..... your wallet may not be safe there !

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