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    Using iTunes Gift Card in Other Countries?
    Hey guys,

    I am living in Singapore, and we don't have an iTunes Store here. Being a guy with somewhat obscure music taste, it is truly a problem. My girlfriend is visiting Las Vegas soon, and I am wondering if I can have her buy some gift cards for me just so that I can purchase songs off the U.S. iTunes Store? I already have an account which I use to download Apps onto my iPod Touch, but I've never ever bought anything from the U.S. music store before.

    Do you guys think that is possible? Do I have to set up a new account just to use the gift cards? Will I need credit card?

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    Mate as far as i know, as long as you have the iTunes USA account, you should be fine. I only remember BC i sort of had the same issue, as i wanted something off the US store and couldnt do it unless i had a US account. And to get one of them you need to have US residency or KNOW someone there that could set one up for you.

    If you where in China, and there internet laws, i think you would be having problems, with them blocking certain site that you re aloud to visit.
    But yea im 99% sure you will be ok ....
    It just all comes down to you having a US iTunes store account, at which you do

    You dont need a credit card either as they will just debit the Gift Cards. No need for your credit card

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    As far as I am aware you need a US credit card to purchase from the US iTunes store. I live in Europe but purchase regularly from the US store.

    However, my friends do use gift cards to get around the requirement for having a US credit card.

    Doesn't hurt to try.

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    I do not have US iTunes Store account, but a Singapore iTunes App Store account, which is a little bit different. Also, I do not have a US address, but I do have a US debit card because I have studied over there for a period of time before.

    What do you guys think?

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