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    so iv been looking for sometime now for someway to unDRM my music (sorry if i used unDRM in the wrong context but i hope you understand what i mean) and iv found some pretty good looking programs to do that, but it looks like they all make a copy of the music? im fine with a copy of it with all the metadata but then i have to go back and delete all the originals. is there one that any of you know about that will delete the original and place the new one in the correct place (where the original was) without naming it something new?

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    You can upgrade the songs you bought with DRM from iTunes for 30 cents per song. Not only does that remove the DRM, it also doubles the quality to 256kbit AAC (vastly better sounding!). You also get improved album art.

    Every other method I know of basically involves "burning" (in reality or just virtually) the DRM'd tracks to a generic AIFF-based "CD", which means you both LOSE quality when re-importing it AND all the metadata.

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