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    GB Final Mix Sound Level down!!! How fix?
    Everytime I mix a .band file/song out to final, the volume is low - at least compared to "other" industry songs one might listen to in ITunes. I have every channel/loop maxed out and the Master Mix maxed as well. I've even gone in to the "Get Info" aspect of the individual song file in ITunes and increased the "Volume Adjustment' under the "Options" tab.

    Has anybody else ran into this with Garage Band?

    Thansk for any hints.....


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    You need to get a handle on compression/limiting and Equalising.

    Maxing everything out volume-wise is not the way forward.

    stuff you download on iTunes has been mixed and mastered in really expensive studios on really crazy equipment, but if you get some basics down, you can certainly improve your sound a lot.

    very useful website.

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