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Thread: simple app to tweak audio in move file

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    simple app to tweak audio in move file
    Is there is simple app that will allow very basic audio changes (bass and treble) in movie files (mp4, flv, mov)?

    I DO NOT need to edit video! I do not need fade-ins, fade-outs, etc. Juse set bass and treble...

    The perfect app would simply load the video (I don't even need to see it, just hear it!), allow me to tweak bass and trebl, and then save.

    All the software I find is all overkill.... I don't need to get into extracting audio from the movie, tweaking it.... etc.

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    Feb 24, 2010
    I would think that just about any video editing program would do that no matter how simple or complex it is. Regardless of whether the program extracts the audio or modifies it while still attached to the video, you are going to have to load it into an editing program and export a new video file after making your changes. iMovie would most likely be good for what you need.

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