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    Question External Hard drive iTunes library query
    Due to hard drive size limitations on my 17"macbook pro I have moved my iTunes music library to an extnl Hd drive. All Ok at first. Now tho it cant find the tracks other than if I manually search and point/find each track - 1 at a time! (I have 2766 tracks!). I followed instructions from reputable website. Anyone any ideas what to do and what should be in what folder on the ext drive?

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    Did you use iTunes' feature to move your library? If you just took the files and moved them in Finder, then you'll have to re-import them.

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    Method used
    What I did was quit iTunes
    Drag the folder iTunes from my hard drive (music folder) to the external drive
    Then used the choose file under itunes preferences to select the new folder on the ext drive. As I say all went well at first but then this issue arose

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    Here is a great step by step of the process , give it a read and see if maybe it helps.
    Transferring your iTunes Library | iLounge Article

    I can vouch that it works , I have used it twice with no problems.


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