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    Surround sound question
    hi, this is my first post of this forum, hope someone can help

    I've just invested in a second hand projector (epson emp-tw10) in order to watch movies etc at home..I've connected it to my new MacBook using an RGB cable and mini dv connector..this works fine. But what I now want to do is buy some cheapish surround sound speakers in order to get a more cinema like experience.. I have my eye on some Alba as122 3.1s..available at Argos for 54. My question is, will these speakers plug into my MacBooks audio point?..and if so is it likely I'll have to purchase an audio cable to do this job?..I have a feeling the speakers I want will come with either a scart, or those red/White audio cables, neither of which connects to the macbook.. Am I going about this the right way?, or would I just connect the RGB from my mac to the projector, then audio cables from mac using small jack, to red/white connectors into the back of projector?... It's all a bit confusing.

    Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.

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    I can't speak for this particular speakers, but you're feelings are most likely correct. You should look for some computer speakers with a powered subwoofer. The higher end models will have decent sound. Amazon often has come good buys online which include free shipping.

    It's not simply a matter of buying an adaptor cable. You're MB will be pushing the signal which drives the speakers. The MB only pushes enough amperage to power a set of small ipod headphones. Computer speakers are designed to take the relatively weak signal from the MB and amplify it so that it is sufficient to power larger speakers.

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