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    Question G5 iMac not recognising audio line-in
    I used to use Garage band a lot to record audio from various devices by way of the line-in port on my iMac. However, since i've istalled OS.10.5.8 and 2009 iLife, there isn't an option showing in the Systems Preference in the Sound window. I therefore cannot tell my iMac to look for sound coming in through anything other than the internal-mic. I have no idea what has changed.
    Any ideas?

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    i actualy posted a thread with the same problem like 2 days ago...

    open the programme your working with and then go into the programmes preferences and there you should be able to change it. worked for me

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    iMac G5--Line-in Not Showing in System Preferences
    FunkApprentice and Banjowhacker, thanks for starting this thread. I also have Leopard and a newly installed iLife 09 on my iMac G5.

    Due to a desire to try to put my 96 year old step-father onto Speech Recognition for commands, I opened up System Preferences and found only the Line-In option within the Sound preference. Then, as suggested by FunkApprentice, I went to "Speech" within System Preferences and found that both Line In and Internal Mic showed under Built-In Audio. Great, I chose the Internal Mic was now able to practice with Speech Recognition so my step-father could eventually get some instruction on using Speech Recognition on the iMac we'd purchased for him and my mother two years ago. I then went back to Sound to see what was there and it now shows only the Internal Mic instead of only the Line-In. When I went back and changed the Speech setting to Line-In, the Sound setting did not change back. Rather, it now shows only Internal Mic.

    Now, seeing Banjowhacker's problem and being an occasional user of GarageBand to slowly digitize my old LPs going back to the 1950s, I opened the Garage Bank Preferences. When I did so, the only "choice" was between "System Setting" and "Built-In Audio". There was no ability to select "Line In" and "Internal Mic", both of which are Built-In Audio options.

    Until this gets resolved in some manner, I cannot use GarageBand.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help out there. Separately, I'll describe this issue in an email to Apple Feedback.

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