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    Mac OS not seeing MP3 CD's
    I have some MP3 CD's that were created on a windows PC. I can see them on a friend's PC quite clearly as 'MP3' format. But when I try and use them on my mac, it tells me the CD's are blank ? In fact even when I go to 'get info' it says there is nothing on the CD's at all.

    I go back to a windows Pc, and there they are, in their MP3 glory.

    Why is this and what can I do to actually see/read the files on my mac. By the way I am snow leopard, 10.6.2

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    It could be that on the PC side it was burnt using a non-standard method. For example, I know there's sort of a drag-and-drop method of burning on the PC (forgot what it's called) in which you drag a file over to the CD and it's burnt to the CD right on the spot. Resulting CDs only work on computers that have a way to read them.

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    How did you burn the disc? Did you use any special software that "formatted" the disc in a peculiar way? I can't remember the name but there was a piece of software I used ages ago that formatted the cd so it acted like a usb thumb drive (I believe Windows 7 has a feature like this built-in).

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    We've had the same issue in our office. All of our machines run XP. One person burns job specifications to CD. Half the computers could read the disc and half showed an empty blank disc in the machine.

    Once I had time to see what he was doing, he wasn't closing the disc after burning the file. So only those machines with similar drives/software were able to read them.
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    I didn't actually burn the cd's myself so don't know what method has been used. But i have seen them opened on standard windows machines, and all the files are there as MP3's.

    So I guess there is no way of getting my mac to read them ?

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    Bob has it right, your friend didn't "close" the CD for burning, so without the help of third-party apps, the disc is useless to you.

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