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Thread: Dry Signal Leak

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    Dry Signal Leak
    A dry signal is passing thru from Line In on my Tascam US 144 USB audio interface to my monitors even though I don't have Logic Launched. I did once have the same problem with a Presonus AudioBox. I can push the mono mix all the way to "input" and thusly away from "computer" and I still get a strong dry signal. Its as if I was using a built in input on the computer itself.

    Its a Mac Pro early 2006

    any ideas?

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    Not sure how the Tascam routes itself, but it is most likely coming from its own internal mixer program. My MOTU has a built-in DSP mixer that launches once it is connected and passes sound on its own until I lauch Cubase. I'd look there before assuming it is actually a "leak."

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